Ships dedicated to the maintenance of offshore wind farms 65’ to 82’

External styling of a range of 4 services vessels, 2 catamarans and 2 monohulls of 20 and 25 meters.

Maintenance of offshore wind farms Ships 65’ to 82’

Each wind turbine, specifically at sea, requires regular maintenance operation. These vessels are intended for the personnel, equipment and cargo transportation to these interventions at sea.

The identity is available both by sober treatment, by technical choices and their rational of gross construction in light alloy.

A color-code identity however is declined to affirm the logistical, security and visual aspects.

The superstructure design which incorporates a widely glass fronts, for berthing maneuvers against pylônes at sea, allowing horizontal vision up to 300° and in vertical more than 130°.

These wheelhouses arrangement gives a common design to the different configurations, in way to unify the range identity.

Maintenance of offshore wind farms Ships 65’ to 82’